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Eyelash extensions in Brandon

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Most of us don’t even have the time to use an eyelash curler in the morning, let alone apply a set of false lashes. If you are tired of swiping on coat after coat of waterproof mascara that requires you to resort to harsh removal methods at the end of the day, come to Vanish Skin Clinic for the best eyelash extensions in Brandon.

Our beauty experts can give you defined, full lashes that require no maintenance by you!




What it Treats

Eyelash extensions in Brandon are a luxurious, yet natural way to achieve the lashes of your dreams. We can use a range of lengths, curls, and styles to customize a look unique to you.

Consider eyelash extensions at Vanish Skin Clinic if you experience:


Common Conditions

  • Short lashes
  • Undefined lashes
  • Blonde eyelashes


Eyelash extensions in Brandon are a simple, pain-free way to wake up with gorgeous lashes every day. Eyelash extensions are easy to maintain and require no makeup or upkeep from you, other than to schedule regular fills at Vanish Skin Clinic!

Other benefits include:



  • No downtime
  • No consultation required
  • Immediately visible sesults
  • Safe for all skin types

How it Works




All clients at Vanish Skin Clinic first receive a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced aestheticians for eyelash extensions in Brandon. This ensures we understand your goals and helps us determine if eyelash extensions are right for you. We will take your face shape, bone structure, and natural lashes into consideration to help you determine the best look for you.

We ask that you arrive for your eyelash extensions with clean skin and no eye makeup as anything on your lids or lashes can affect the final result. You will lie comfortably on your back and we will begin by brushing and cleaning your natural lashes and we will tape your upper eyelid to hold it in the correct place. Using specialized tweezers, we will apply and bond individual lash extensions into place, directly on your natural lashes.

The longevity of lash extensions varies from client to client, as everyone has different hair life cycles. The extensions will gradually fall out as your natural lashes do, so you need to schedule touch-up treatments every three to four weeks. Your aesthetician will ask you to wait to swim, shower, or take a trip to the sauna for at least 24 hours after your appointment, and avoid scrubbing your eye area with any cleanser to ensure the adhesive is not disrupted.

Before & After

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