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7 Reasons To Get A SaltFacial

Marissa Bergougnou

Facials in Brandon:

7 Reasons To Get A SaltFacial:

  1. Major Exfoliation

With All Natural Sea Salt…No Harmful Chemicals. The SaltFacial begins with a sea salt exfoliation treatment.  The salt removes the top layer of dead skin, brightening dull complexions, leaving skin visibly smoother and preparing the skin to accept antioxidants, serums and moisturizers.  Salt is often seen as the enemy behind bloating, high blood pressure and heart disease.  However, it actually has many benefits when used on the skin!  Not only is salt a powerful exfoliant, but its antimicrobial properties help kill and stave off bacteria, deeply cleansing the skin.  Salt is also very absorbent.  It soaks up sebum to help control and balance your skin’s oil levels, preventing acne.  Salt is often seen as drying but it can actually hydrate and nourish.  The minerals in salt, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, help moisturize and firm the skin.

  1. Replenish Vital Nutrients

Once the sea salt exfoliation treatment is completed, your skin is prepared for the replacement of vital nutrients that have been robbed by everyday environmental conditions.   Designed specifically for aesthetic/medical procedures, The SaltFacial  ultrasound technology allows the enriching and hydrating topical formulations to penetrate the skin up to 2x deeper than when topically  applied.

  1. Improve Tone, Texture & Color For Noticeably Healthier Skin

Studies show that skin cells regenerate far faster when exposed to certain LED wavelengths. The third step in The SaltFacial treatment is LED Phototherapy.  It can be used to treat acne, improve the appearance of pigmentation, enlarged pores and vascular lesions, remove redness, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, stretch marks, age spots, and promote collagen production.

  1. Visible Results After Your First Treatment We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.
  2. No Negative Side Effects Or Downtime

Most skin resurfacing techniques use trauma to damage the skin and encourage regrowth.  The healing process can take days or even weeks.  The SaltFacial, on the other hand, hydrates the skin while infusing medicines, making it safe and effective for all skin types.  The results are immediate, with no side-effects and no downtime.  Quick and painless!

  1. Alleviate Stress Levels.

Studies show that stress can lead to unhealthy skin.  Instead of turning to vices such as chocolate and sugar, which are not healthy for your skin or your waistline, opt for a more relaxing option. Not only does The SaltFacial promotes healthy skin but it can help you relieve stress and feel refreshed again.

  1. You Deserve It!

You spend an exceptional amount of time taking care of other people.  It’s time that you did something or yourself!  Take an hour to re-energize and clear your mind.  Nourish your soul and pamper your skin.  Treat yourself, because you deserve to look and feel great.

At Vanish Skin Clinic, we are here to help. Contact us today to see if this treatment is right for you!

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